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It Broke…..In 5 Places!

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This post is a little late but better late than never right?? In November, actually 2 days after Thanksgiving I broke my ankle in 5 places. Crazy right? I wasn’t doing anything fancy just removing the mums to get ready to put up Christmas lights. I walked down a slight embankment with 3 mums in my arms and I slipped. I heard the break but I thought well, maybe not? Then I lifted my leg up and for sure what I heard was accurate. I’m not going to get into any of the gross details but IT BROKE FOLKS and it was obvious. Later I found out it was broke in 5 places.

One of my daughters came to the rescue. She was the only one home so she had to drive me to the hospital. She only had her permit and thank God she did. It was her first time driving on the highway and she did great! We joke and say if she weren’t home I would still be laying in the yard.

I had surgery on both sides of the ankle a plate and 7 screws on the outside and 2 large screws on the inside. When I fell my first thought was how am I going to get to work (it was my right ankle)? No worries the owner of the company I work for offered to drive me to work for as long as I needed a ride. Little did he or I know it would be almost 3 months. I couldn’t be more thankful for the offer I honestly do not know how I would have gotten to work.

This blog could be about 15 paragraphs long but I don’t think anyone wants to read that much. I have to say my girls are older and they did help a lot but they did get annoyed with it as well. I couldn’t even carry a cup of coffee or a plate of food or carry anything. I couldn’t walk up steps I had to go up on my butt. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t shop (and it was Christmas time!) I was on crutches for 2.5 months non weight bearing and then a boot for 6 weeks. I don’t know how a mom would get through something like this with little kids. My husband was awesome, my kids were awesome and I found out who my true friends were. I’m walking now and I occasionally try to run but I get yelled at : ). I’m not 100% that will take awhile but I will never take walking for granted.

One Thing I Learned

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When you have a family of 6, work a full time job, run a business (which some days I don’t feel hugely successful at but I always remember why we started it), pay the bills, keep medical and sports schedules, which yes, on occasion I do mess up, make dinner, drive people where they need [...]

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Thank you Santa!

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