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Raisin' Ladies

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It's hard raising girls. We have 4 girls, no boys. A lot of our friends have only girls as well. I can tell you we are not quite there yet with equality and I know this is just the beginning but I have 4 girls who love sports and they are all lucky enough to be extremely good at whatever sport they do. This year I am blessed to have 3 of my girls on the varsity high school soccer team. It is so nice to see the twins playing on the field with their older sister. There is only one thing that could top it and that's if all 4 girls played together. My fault I spaced the first 2 out too far.

Last year at the end of the soccer season when the girls were winning Districts and Leagues the girls always got the first game and the boys had the night game. I always had to ask to leave work early but the boys parents never had to worry about that. This season I open the local paper to the sports section and there are photos of football (boys obviously) soccer, only the boys team and golf, again-boys. There is a small write up on girls soccer and other sports. On the adjacent page is a huge write up on nascar, didn't know that was local. I have 3 daughters on the same team, on the field at the same time and they are all pretty decent players but there's no coverage, no photos, no mention, oh that's right they're girls. If I had boys it would be different. 

Sadly I will have to explain to my girls that boys will always get paid more, they will get better scholarships, they will get prime playing times and they will have more photos and write ups in the paper. Nah, I'm not going to have that conversation.....I will let them have faith that they can make a change and hope that things will change.

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