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My Twins Are Cuter was the dream and is now the reality of Dawn Motolese, a proud mother of four girls, two of which are her very creative and fun-loving twins, Olivia and Sophia.

The twinsipration for the brand came about in 2012, when on a beach vacation, Dawn took notice of just how many twins they actually encountered during their week-long trip.

In her words, “My girls love to point out when they see another set of twins and instead of just acknowledging them with a ‘yes, look at that,’ I started saying ‘My twins are cuter.’ Because let’s face it, what mother or father doesn’t think their children are the cutest, especially when there’s two of them. So, after the first few times of saying my new phrase, Sophia and Olivia said ‘Mommy, you should get that on a shirt.’ And for the rest of the trip that’s all they would talk about…a bumper sticker, a beach towel, even My Twins Are Cuter socks. I thought the girls had a great and fun idea, so the first day back from vacation I logged on and purchased the URL. Now, two years later, here we are. And in the rare event that I forget what to say when I see a new set of twins, Sophia and Olivia are always there to remind me ‘Mommy, what are you supposed to say?’ ‘My twins are cuter, of course’.”

To read more about Dawn's life with twins, check out mom with a blog.

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