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I Can't Wait.....

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I can remember saying, when my kids were little, “I can’t wait” on so many occasions....”I can’t wait until they are out of diapers”, “I can’t wait until they are out of strollers”, “I can’t wait until they start kindergarten”.....When you are in the moment it’s easy to think that things will be easier later but I have to tell you I would take those crazy, busy, diaper changing days back in a second. There were many many days, with 4 young children, that I was too exhausted to even pour a glass of wine after everyone went to bed.

My sister was in town recently for her yearly visit so I pulled out the sofa bed and any parent cringes a little when they pull out the sofa bed because they never know what surprises will be under the couch. Well, I pulled out the sofa bed, looked down and instantly had somewhat of a sadness come over me....there were no surprises. No popsicle sticks, no socks you can’t find the match to, no toy that someone was looking everywhere for, no bouncy balls, no little plastic toys that aren’t with their other get the idea....So I looked up and I said “You know your kids are getting older don’t find a mess under the couch when you pull out the pull out bed”. Yes, oddly this made me sad, I would much rather have the mess of young, happy, tiny voice little children than a clean space under my couch.

Don’t rush to easier times because there are many reasons why they won’t necessarily be easier. Enjoy every moment no matter how exhausting : )

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