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Nighttime Rituals

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It started with a kiss and “goodnight I love you”. With my 19 year old it’s “Good night, I love you”, with my 15 year old it’s 2 kisses goodnight and a “Goodnight I love you”, you will NEVER get away with just one kiss it has to be two, that’s how it has always been. That’s her thing, two kisses and if you try to get away with just one she will stop you in your tracks and demand the second one. I LOVE IT. And with the kiss turned into two kisses each cheek and two on the forehead followed by “Goodnight I love you” with a reply of “I love you more” and then I reply “I love you more than most”. It’s funny how things evolve and become rituals and traditions I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your nighttime rituals?

Enjoy every moment!

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