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I'm Just a Mom.

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This blog may seem more like I’m venting than anything else but there comes a time when everyone needs to vent now and again.

I recently took my daughter, who has asthma, to the doctor because she wasn’t feeling well. The doctor said I don’t know if this is her asthma or if it’s a cold neither need antibiotics so up your asthma medication.... Here’s the thing….if it were her asthma, which she has been diagnosed with for about 13 years now, than I would probably know and we wouldn’t be at the pediatrician we would be at the allergy specialist. ; ) I’m just a mom though, not a doctor. Count with me….that is 1 copay $.

A few days later my daughter's symptoms seem to worsen and it’s hard for her to breath. Keep in mind when you have asthma and you get sick you get more sick than the average person and you hang onto it longer. We call the doctor because she was just there 3 days ago and they have no openings. So we take her to the emergency walk in, that seem to be popping up on every corner these days, they give her antibiotics and send her on her way. If you are keeping count with me that is copay #2 $$ as well as antibiotic #1 $.

7 days later, my daughter, who is also an athlete can’t breathe and her symptoms are getting worse. This time we call the allergy specialist, and anyone who knows what it’s like getting an appointment with a specialist knows that this takes months but somehow my husband managed to have her seen that day. As it turns out she has an upper respiratory infection, the medication that the walk in gave my daughter wasn’t strong enough to help her (BIG question mark here)? Again, I’m just a mom, not a doctor but shouldn’t they know that? If you are still keeping count with me that is copay #3 $$$ and antibiotic #2 $$.

First I would like to thank the specialist and my husband for getting our daughter seen before this turned into something more serious than URI.

Second I should be able to ask for my copays back and to be reimbursed for the first antibiotic that my daughter shouldn’t have even been on, don’t you think?

Third what is wrong with our healthcare today??? Isn’t it supposed to be better? I shouldn’t have to pay 3 copays in 3 weeks for the same illness in the same child. 

Enjoy your children and take pride in knowing that you know them better than anyone else.

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