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2016 New Year’s Resolutions.

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So I’m thinking if I blog my New Year’s resolutions I can go back and hold myself accountable from time to time throughout the year.

Here are a few resolutions for 2016:

1. Savor the moments

I know I tell everyone else to do this, especially if they have multiples, but it is so hard to get caught up in the day to 

day. I often think that I should have taken more time the day before to give more hugs and to look into their eyes 

when they are talking to me or telling me a story. These little things do make a difference.

2. Play more board games

3. Blog more

4. Find the happiness

5. Yes, I host EVERY holiday (not by choice) suck it up and enjoy it instead of complaining about it. (HEY! At least I admit it)

6. Eat less, exercise more and try to be health conscious.

This is a broken record. New Year after New Year it’s the same resolution and nothing changes. I did get the Tory Johnson “Shift” book for Christmas so hopefully this will give me some inspiration.

7. Do more My Twins Are Cuter You tube videos with Olivia & Sophia. A bi-weekly favorites segment is what I’m aiming for.

8. Curb the extra emphasis words.

My kids are not happy about this because 80% of the time it’s all in good fun and they laugh at me. Sometimes I feel like it’s a form of bonding.

9. Make a fresh start with something. Find an opportunity and take it.

I know this sounds like a fortune cookie. If everything works out I will blog about the progress I make. I have a lot of work to do.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Good luck with your resolutions I know I will need luck with all that I have listed!  Try to savor every moment.

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