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Love. Hate. Love. This is what my every other minute of the day feels like with 13 year old twin girls. If they aren’t fighting over clothing (which some are exactly the same like soccer uniforms) they are arguing over who’s faster or who’s smarter or who emptied the dishwasher last. Sometimes I quietly hold my breath and wait until it’s over, don’t worry, trust me it’s literally over in less than a minute. But, in between every “you’re so annoying” there are laughs and giggles so as long the love is still there I think we can get through this. I love that they can make each other laugh and they always stick up for each other. I love having twins.

What 7 Fathers of Twins are Thankful for on Father’s Day

Thank you to all the dads from @fathersofmultiples for contributing to this post. Please read on to see how father's of multiples really feel.Father’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of doing the usual Father’s Day Gift Guide, like everyone else does, we figured we’d switch it up and ask a few twin fathers from [...]

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And Then It Hit Us.

Up until now cancer was something that other people had, I never thought it would get to my immediate family. I know that is a bit naive since it seems everyone on the planet is affected one way or another by this horrible disease that comes from who knows what. Is it diet soda, is it pesticides, is it smoking, [...]

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This Is Us

I had the pleasure of actually sitting down to fold laundry one night and it happened to be the night of the first episode of This is us. I don’t typically watch TV especially 1 hour shows I just can’t commit to that much time. Occasionally I do enjoy a 1/2 hour comedy here and [...]

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Baby Shower...for Twins!

When you are a mom of twins it's so exciting to find out that someone else is having twins.  It's truly a special experience. One of the reasons I started My Twins Are Cuter was because I know how truly unique it is to be a new mom to twins. I love giving our coordinating onesies as a [...]

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