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What 7 Fathers of Twins are Thankful for on Father’s Day

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Thank you to all the dads from @fathersofmultiples for contributing to this post. Please read on to see how father's of multiples really feel.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of doing the usual Father’s Day Gift Guide, like everyone else does, we figured we’d switch it up and ask a few twin fathers from the site Fathers of Multiples what they were thankful for.(Trust me.No one said they were thankful they were getting yet another tie this year.)

“I am thankful that my wife and I realized when our twins were born that we wanted to spend Father’s Day/Mother’s Day in an unconventional way. I am not a morning person and never have been and never will be, but I always wake up before the kids on Father’s Day and let my wife sleep in all morning. I cook breakfast with my girls and then we watch a Star Wars movie. At some point in the early afternoon, we prepare a brunch for my wife and bring it to her in bed and she typically goes off for some "me" time while I go swimming or to the beach with the girls. Then we have take-out for dinner and look at old pictures before the girls head off to bed and we tell them the stories of their births. I get the quality time with them on Father’s Day (what it is all about) and get to sleep in and get pampered on Mother’s Day. It is truly a win/win situation for both my wife and me as we get the best of both on both holidays.” -Brian Gawlak (

"I grew up in an old farm house that was warm in the summer and cold in the winter. I've lived in tiny little apartments that were so small, you had to go outside to change your mind. I'm thankful that two years ago my wife and I were able to build our "forever house”. I always joke that when my 4-year-olds graduate high-school, their party will be in the backyard. The house is big enough to accommodate any situation we may encounter over the next 14 years. I’m also thankful we don’t have to move again for a looooooong time!" -Kevin Zelenka

“I just got a new job, it's taken me forever and I had a LOT of emotional lows and self-doubt which was eating away at me. When it seemed like other guys my age or even younger are more successful than I am and I couldn't find work or even get an interview, it was all I could do to keep my head above water and try and stay positive for the wife and kids.It was rough. I am truly thankful for my new job. I am so thankful to be out of my old job which was a major source of, for lack of a better word, depression.” -Jeff Jackson

“I'm thankful that despite adding twins to our family two years ago, my wife and I still have found a way to do our own thing, both as individuals and as a couple. Now, does that happen all the time? No. Did I mention I have twins plus a 4-year-old boy? But we have made a priority out of going on regular dates. And we take turns watching the kids so the other person can do their own hobby. It's the little things that matter when you haven't slept since... wait. Maybe sleep should be my new hobby.”
- Andy Shaw, (

When you are a dad of twins, which in my case is twin girls, you realize very quickly it's a very special thing to be blessed with, two children born at the same time.There is one day in the year that I hold very close to my heart, which is Father's Day. When you have twins on the morning of Father's Day they are so excited to show all the love in the world for their daddy and they definitely spur each other on. It's infectious and always puts the smile on my face, and of course I get double the presents. I love the way they sit there watching me open the first present and then just take over! Nigel Higgins (

I'm thankful that I proved my mother right. She said, “you’ll move to London and fall in love with a British girl and never move back.” That was 8 years ago and my British wife and I are celebrating our five-year anniversary this year. I’m thankful that we were blessed with amazing boy/girl twins three years ago who are so full of life, are regularly teaching me…as well as stretching my wits, but are worth every second of it. I’m thankful that we live in an era where grandparents can watch their only granddaughter and grandson grow up through amazing video conferencing services, instant sharing of photos and videos that allow them to get to know each other and grow together. It makes the six-thousand-mile distance almost bearable. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to take three months off in our twins’ first year to be at home with them full time. It was an experience that bonded us and brought us closer together than any other way I can think of. Having a partner that shares these ideals and supports them as well is quite the gift. Also, I’m thankful for the sweet BBQ that I got for Father’s Day a few years ago. That thing is a beast!
-Chris Rothwell,

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be an involved father. Sometimes it's a challenge to do this alone but whenever I see a smile I remember it's all worth it. Their smiles are my salary. -Austin Bennett (no link)

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