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Love. Hate. Love. This is what my every other minute of the day feels like with 13 year old twin girls. If they aren’t fighting over clothing (which some are exactly the same like soccer uniforms) they are arguing over who’s faster or who’s smarter or who emptied the dishwasher last. Sometimes I quietly hold my breath and wait until it’s over, don’t worry, trust me it’s literally over in less than a minute. But, in between every “you’re so annoying” there are laughs and giggles so as long the love is still there I think we can get through this. I love that they can make each other laugh and they always stick up for each other. I love having twins.

Being The Best Gift Giver

I love it when I hear that people are buying our products as baby shower gifts! We get such great feedback about how people raved over the twin specific onesies and twin mom tee’s. I don’t know about you but I love being the best gift giver at the baby shower, birthdays, Christmas…it’s all about [...]

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Four times the fun

My husband oh so graciously reminds me that I always said I wanted four children, of course that was before I had the first one.  I do remember not wanting to have only two children because at the time, in the neighborhood where we lived, EVERYONE had only two children.  I didn't want three children either because it's an [...]

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