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Four times the fun

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My husband oh so graciously reminds me that I always said I wanted four children, of course that was before I had the first one.  I do remember not wanting to have only two children because at the time, in the neighborhood where we lived, EVERYONE had only two children.  I didn't want three children either because it's an uneven number and I didn't want the middle child nonsense although having an even number of children does not get you away from the middle child nonsense apparently.  So here we are with 4 girls. 


Angela is funny, beautiful, sporty and close to me.  She doesn’t give me much trouble at all and is helpful around the house. And, just like me, she gets a bit of anxiety when it’s too messy.  I love when she is happy and when she tells me stories about her day.  I also love that she is never embarrassed of me.  She is extremely independent and great at soccer.  For as long as I can remember, it’s always been her goal to play soccer in college. Recently, she just got offered a full scholarship to play soccer at a Division 1 school. We are so proud of her for having this goal at such a young age and actually being able to stay focused and determined so she could achieve that goal. Angela does get a little upset with me sometimes because I went on to have three other children but she will appreciate the big family later.  I know I wouldn’t change it for anything, even on the toughest days.


Maggie is athletic, bossy, has a magnificent smile and will not fail at anything she does – it's just not an option.  I think Maggie will go on to master every sport before she completes college. She already has soccer, football, basketball and golf down.  Maggie is a tough cookie, I’m not going to lie about that. Those of you who have a challenging child know what I mean when I say tough cookie.  Maggie is a 23-year-old in a 12-year-old’s body. On most days I feel like she knows more than me, or at least she convinces me of that.  When I see Maggie, I see power with a soft spot. Maggie loves elderly people and always wants to help them.   With Maggie around you don't need electricity because her smile lights up a room. You couldn't have a better friend because she will always stick up for you and protect you.  I could see Maggie in politics one day.


Olivia is a jokester.  I often look at her and feel so happy that she is mine. She is just so funny and at times she doesn't even realize it.  I love her walk.  Olivia is confident and very creative I can ask her to help me figure something out and she will come up with three different solutions.  Olivia is the oldest twin by 5 minutes but I feel like she is the youngest because she is always silly.  Don't pick on her twin sister Sophia because Olivia will always come to her rescue.  Olivia can sing but will not do it on demand. Olivia loves soccer, horses and being outside.  Oh, the stories I could tell of when they were babies.  They say twins are double trouble and it's true!  Having two brains come up with ideas is sometimes funny and sometimes messy.  Olivia is also very good at drawing.


Sophia is a love. Sophia is a hugger and she is the more serious of the twins.  Sophia is very studious she gets her schoolwork done before it is due and she takes it very seriously.  Sophia loves to read, she loves soccer and horses and would like to start golfing like her big sister Maggie.  Sophia shares my love of popcorn so I will always have a popcorn buddy either at the movies or in front of the TV at home.  Sophia will do anything to make you happy she has such a big heart.  Sophia gives into Olivia quite a bit but I think that is normal with twins.  I love that Sophia can break up an argument by laughing.  I think Sophia is a bit of a perfectionist at times but there's nothing wrong with that.  Sophia is also very good at drawing.


I'm not going to lie, and my girls know this, I would have loved to have a boy but I wouldn't trade any one of my girls for that.  Perhaps a few of my grandchildren will be boys.


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