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Where it all started…

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It took us almost a year to get pregnant with our first child.  I was under the impression that since I was the one getting a yearly exam and the person who was in charge of the birth control for nine years that my husband Rob would be the one to get tested first for infertility. I also thought it would be easier to test a man than a woman but I was wrong. I made an appointment with my gynecologist to get tested for infertility but the earliest appointment I could get was more than a month away. Well, within that month I got pregnant and found out the day before my infertility appointment so I happily canceled.  All I wanted was a healthy baby. Of course, that’s what everyone wants but I also put in an order for a boy so he could kick the butt of anyone who messed with his sisters (if he had any) or a curly blonde-haired girl with blue eyes. Well, we didn't get a boy but God did give us an upgrade –a red-headed girl with blue eyes we named Angela and who happened to look very much like my sister that passed away when I was 5 (she was 10).  What a gift.


Three and a half years after our first daughter, along came Maggie… and, whoa, look out world! Maggie was born with a superior personality and longest eyelashes that I have ever seen.  Then, two and a half years later came the twins. Yes, that makes FOUR girls so if they are not screaming, whining or crying about something, I AM!


Angela is funny and has a great personality, Maggie will be something amazing she won’t settle for anything less.  Olivia wants to be an architect and Sophia may be a teacher.  The girls insist that I have a favorite and they are right… they’re all my favorites!  Angela is my favorite for being my first wonderful experience as a mother with every changing step.  Maggie is my favorite because she is truly one of a kind.  For all the times that Maggie has made me angry she has also amazed me.  Olivia is my favorite because she is always smiling and she is silly and Sophia is my favorite because she truly just wants you to love her.  She is sincere and I love that.

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