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What is a Gift?

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Some gifts are tangible, something you can touch and put a value to, while others are not and to me these are the true gifts. There are many times as a parent where I thought “oh I didn’t do that right” or “I should have handled that differently” and other times I wish I could go back, handle it differently and have a different end result, I think every parent has at least one of these moments.

I had a conversation with my daughter recently, about an incident that happened when she was little, it turns out that her recall of what happened ended up as me being the hero and my recall had me beating myself up over the incident for years. I'm sure my daughter is not aware of the gift that she had given me that day. This information was truly a gift..not something I could touch or place a dollar value on, It was peace of mind and for that I thank my daughter (and God) for that gift and I am so grateful.

Being a mother of twins is not easy, but parenthood, even with a singleton, isn’t easy it’s the hardest job I have ever had but it is honestly the most rewarding. With my oldest daughter I feel like I was there for every step for the first 4 years then my second daughter was born and I feel like I was there for every other step. Two years later the twins were born and I lost track of steps we just did the best we could. Yes, there are things I would change if I could, like having more patience and enjoying more moments and not working as much but I can tell you girls love me and they appreciate me so I must have done something right.

Do your best. Try to enjoy every moment.

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