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Today is the Day!

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Today is the day I dreamed of when I started this business. This is the one place I wanted to be, the one place I saw this brand, the one place everyone eventually goes when they find out they’re pregnant. Today is the day we launch on Babies R Us! This is truly an amazing day for us. This whole adventure was a year in the making and well worth the trip. We have great things on the horizon for this brand and they expand well past clothing. We are looking forward to this relationship with Babies R Us and plan on making it long lasting.

We are so thankful for the family, friends, teachers, neighbors and twin families at all the events we have been to over the past 3 years who supported us, believed in us and even contributed to us. We are not just “ the lady who sold t-shirts at that event” anymore thanks to you! We are a brand. The only clothing brand for twins.

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