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College is for Learning Right?

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So I always thought the next step after high school is college, period end of story. You already have your foundation from 12+ years of school now you have to build. Build your knowledge. Build your future. Build your life. Learn how to be an adult right?

With my oldest in her second year of college I’m realizing that perhaps college isn’t just for learning. College is a way to ease parents into the fact that their babies will not be around 24/7 and you won’t see them everyday. College is a way of easing parents into adulthood for their children....... and I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that my daughter is growing up to be decent, loving, hard working adult but I miss seeing her everyday and hearing her stories and laughing with her.

College isn’t just for is also a lesson for parents.

Try to enjoy every minute.

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