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It was my first ultrasound for my third pregnancy and there were no parking spaces in the main parking area at the doctor’s office. My husband dropped me off at the front door because he didn’t want me to be late. I went in while he went to park the car. They called me in immediately for the ultrasound and the lady went to work. She was making small talk with me until she suddenly stopped and said, “Hmmm.” She quietly checked some more – I could tell she wanted to be sure before she said anything else. Finally, I asked, “What? What do you see?” That’s when she told me the big news. “I see two...you are having twins.” I was shocked but I knew someone else would be even more surprised. “Oh my goodness, you’re telling my husband – not me,” I told her.

Shortly thereafter my husband walked in and she gave him the news.“It looks like you are having twins,” she proudly announced to him. My husband Rob replied “WHAT?!... Where is the nearest window? I’m going to jump!” And then he started reciting all the things we need two of … car seats, cribs, a bigger car … Then he said “one of them better be a boy.” No such luck!

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