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When Will This Come To An End?

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Another school shooting. My heart sunk when I heard Parkland the first time I heard this on the news because we have a Parkland school as a neighboring school. This isn’t about politics or religion. This isn’t about the color of someone’s skin or what nationality they are. I’m sure DT (Donald Trump) knows that most school shootings are not committed by immigrants. This is also not 100% to blame on mental illness although there are so many holes in that system as well. This, and every other disgusting crime that I don’t want to write about has everything to do with the weapon.

I’m not a politician, in fact I would go down in the second round against any staunch Republican or Democrat for that matter. I just believe what I believe. Our country is not run by our president, it’s not run by our congressmen and senators and it’s not run by our military. Our country is run by healthcare companies, pharmaceutical companies and the NRA. That’s who runs our country. That’s why after a mass shooting you hear “we can’t talk about gun control right now”.I believe in the right to bear arms you better believe I do, just not semi-automatic one’s. There is no purpose, there is no reason for anyone to possess this type of firearm. We CAN talk about gun control and they SHOULD talk about gun control. AND BTW if you don’t have enough staff to conduct background checks HIRE MORE PEOPLE.

Kids should not be afraid to go to school. When I was going to school you didn’t have to worry about this stuff what has changed since then and now? I don’t think any large companies actually care about people anymore it’s whoever dies with the most money wins and we are just pawns in that game.

One kid with mental illness and access to a firearm that should be illegal killed 17 children who had hopes, dreams, families, love and now we will never see what they would have turned out to be. This is not God’s plan it can’t be. My heart goes out to their families and the communities affected.

One student said “if he had a knife he wouldn’t have been able to kill so many people” I don’t understand why it’s so hard for the decision makers to do something? How can they sit back and be okay with this? That whole school should go to Washington. EVERY school should go to Washington in the hopes that one day this will come to an end.

Gob bless the families, students and teachers of each and every school.

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