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College is for Learning Right?

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So I always thought the next step after high school is college, period end of story. You already have your foundation from 12+ years of school now you have to build. Build your knowledge. Build your future. Build your life. Learn how to be an adult right?

With my oldest in her second year of college I’m realizing that perhaps college isn’t just for learning. College is a way to ease parents into the fact that their babies will not be around 24/7 and you won’t see them everyday. College is a way of easing parents into adulthood for their children....... and I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that my daughter is growing up to be decent, loving, hard working adult but I miss seeing her everyday and hearing her stories and laughing with her.

College isn’t just for learning....college is also a lesson for parents.

Try to enjoy every minute.

What 7 Fathers of Twins are Thankful for on Father’s Day

Thank you to all the dads from @fathersofmultiples for contributing to this post. Please read on to see how father's of multiples really feel.Father’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of doing the usual Father’s Day Gift Guide, like everyone else does, we figured we’d switch it up and ask a few twin fathers from [...]

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Today is the Day!

Today is the day I dreamed of when I started this business. This is the one place I wanted to be, the one place I saw this brand, the one place everyone eventually goes when they find out they’re pregnant. Today is the day we launch on Babies R Us! This is truly an amazing [...]

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One Thing I Learned

Well, I learned many many things in my #& years. (that’s right, I’m not tellin :) but this one thing I could never figure out is how my middle daughter (Is she really “middle” if I have 4 kids and 2 are twins?) could always tell the twins apart. Maggie is 2 and a half [...]

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To Dress Alike or Not. A Twin Question By twin mom guest blogger Kim Cartwright

A question can come up when preparing for twins and again once they are born. Do you dress them alike, or not? You can hear some strong opinions on this one. I heard from people to absolutely never dress twins alike. You will ruin their quest for individuality. I’ve also heard of course you [...]

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Snow Day!

It’s mid March... I would have preferred an epic snow storm in February but I will take what I can get. The twins enjoyed it and I know they had their Sparkling Snowman Long Sleeve tees underneath their snowsuits : ). I am fortunate enough to work for a company that allows you to work [...]

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And Then It Hit Us.

Up until now cancer was something that other people had, I never thought it would get to my immediate family. I know that is a bit naive since it seems everyone on the planet is affected one way or another by this horrible disease that comes from who knows what. Is it diet soda, is it pesticides, is it smoking, [...]

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We, as a company, are on the verge of bigger things. Talks with major retailers, expansion of the line into something more than t-shirts…I just needed her to wait maybe one more year. On the other hand this is GREAT news! What better connection to have with someone than being a mother of twins and [...]

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This Is Us

I had the pleasure of actually sitting down to fold laundry one night and it happened to be the night of the first episode of This is us. I don’t typically watch TV especially 1 hour shows I just can’t commit to that much time. Occasionally I do enjoy a 1/2 hour comedy here and [...]

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One Of My Best Days EVER!!!

Did you ever have that one celebrity you wanted to meet? That one celebrity that you would stand in line for hours just to say “your my favorite” if you had the chance? Most people never get that chance but fortunately for me the one person I wanted to meet also happens to own [...]

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